Top 10 Rubber and Tire Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2021
BORFLEX REX : A Trusted Name For Innovative Rubber Parts

Top 10 Rubber and Tire Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

The need for more automation in tire manufacturing has grown over the last decade. The transformation has ushered new factory designs and changes in tire building machines, and process equipment. That said, requirements for more automation and sizable tires have brought enormous changes in the industry. Improvements in raw materials and chemical compounds have led to tires that perform more effectively. Whether it’s compounds offering a better grip in snow and ice or compounds providing improved wet handling, technology continues to enhance tire performance. Tire manufacturing technology has progressed in parallel with tire construction so that tires are now designed to meet specific performance targets and enable improved manufacturability, i.e., more efficiency, lower cost, and uniform production.

One of the most comprehensive technological innovations of the modern tire era is run-flat tire technology. Run-flat technology allows drivers who sustain air loss due to a puncture or cut in their tire to drive approximately 50 miles at 50 mph so they can reach a safe location to change the tire. Over the years, overall development has taken place on the material front, from elastomer, nano-filler, to reinforcing materials like aramid and polyethylene. Developments impacting tire plants and manufacturing processes are as diverse as the penetration of new vehicle powertrains, logistical burdens, the emergence of new markets, mergers and acquisitions, increased value, and scarcity of real estate.

Furthermore, the increasing demands for low-noise and high-ride quality vehicles increase the potential for run-flat tires and, eventually, pneumatics. This has forced manufacturers to build tires with silica, resins that reduce noise.

A myriad of solution providers offer best-in-class tire and rubber tech solutions that advocate ingenuity in technological innovation. In this edition, Manufacturing Technology Outlook has listed top 10 rubber and tire tech solution providers in Europe.

Here are Manufacturing Technology Outlook’s Top 10 Rubber and Tire Tech Solution Companies in Europe – 2021


    Top Rubber and Tire Tech Solution Companies in Europe

  • Founded in 1935 by a young chemist Ignazio Favini, Borflex Rex started its journey as Rex Articoli Tecnici and initially produced cellulose fabrics for the manufacture of protective caps, waxes, and varnishes in the footwear industry. Since its inception, Rex has been housing a talented R&D team comprising chemists, physicists, and mechanical engineers—who can take any rubber-based product from ideation to production in the shortest period. And what really augmented Rex’s historic glory above and beyond today is its partnership with the Borflex Group—the French maven in the elastomeric parts (rubber, silicone, TPE, and polyurethane) market. The merger provides both companies to combine their domain expertise and expand the product portfolio even further.

  • Being the global market leader in machinery and systems for the rubber processing tire industry, the company provides best solutions related to development, manufacturing, and distribution of all systems for the development of robust tires. Specializing in the production of car tyres, HF TireTech Group focuses on engineering dedicated solutions that can be easily integrated within the vehicle framework and yield reliable, high-performance results

  • MTS Sensors is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of magnetostrictive technology for measuring position and/or liquid level

  • Quad Plus is a leading industrial system integrator providing sectional drive systems and industrial process automation systems (PAS) for rubber, plastics, and film Industries. Its fully integrated solutions include project engineering, project management, conceptual design, panel manufacturing, system hardware, installation services, and commissioning services. Plus, the company’s dedicated service engineers will provide after-sales service on-site or remotely so you stay up and running

  • With over five decades of rich and unmatched experience, STEELASTIC has evolved as a key supplier and innovator in the global tire industry by adding belt systems, body ply, cap strip and automatic apexing systems to its growing equipment portfolio

  • LIST Technology

    LIST Technology

    A leader in the processing of highly viscous materials that develops and manufactures KneaderReactors for intensifying industrial processes. LIST’s KneaderReactor technology brings key processing advantages to polymer manufacturers. In contrast to traditional processors, LIST’s KneaderReactors provide a gentle kneading action that ensures excellent mixing and wall heat transfer while minimising shear during the processing of highly viscous materials. The KneaderReactors reduce and eliminate the use of solvents from the reaction step and replace emulsion or suspension polymerisation by bulk processes. This simplifies processes, reduces raw material costs, and saves energy, which is instrumental in reducing the environmental pollution. The company’s KneaderReactors also enable the recovery and transformation of volatile—often hazardous—distillation residues into valuable side-products



    MAPLAN is a leading manufacturer of rubber and silicone injection molding machines with an industry-best network of strategic partners. With 50 years of experience in a variety of application fields, its machines are known world-wide for accuracy, performance, and efficiency. The company’s FIFO Injection technology incurs minimum pressure loss with negligible residual rubber



    MARIGO was founded in 1965 and was one of the first manufacturers in the sector of tyre retreading equipment. Marigo designs and produces machines for tyres retreading, special machinery for the rubber industry, presses for rubber and transmission belts, moulds for different fields of production: from new tyres to tyres retreading, from nonwovens industry (diepers, underpads, napkins…) to mannequins (dummies). Marigo also works as contractor for the machanical industry thanks to its flexible and complete plant

  • Münch Chemie International

    Münch Chemie International

    Known worldwide as the ‘release agent specialist,’ Münch Chemie International GmbH manufactures and delivers—among others—semi-permanent and permanent water-based release agents and bladder coatings for a large variety of industrial applications. Led by the Münch father and son, Wilhelm Münch and Michael Münch, the firm epitomises innovation, individuality, and exceptional service. Today, through an international sales network in more than 40 countries and licensed production facilities in Asia and South America, the firm ensures that customers all over the world are empowered with high-quality release solutions. The organisation takes pride in being able to precisely understand processing-related customer problems and requirements, and respond with superior solutions that not only provide maximum efficiency in production but are also cost-effective



    MIXACO is an innovation leader in the mixing technology industry that guarantees to mix quality while constantly improving handling-related processes. Many of its inventions and patents have become standard applications in a large number of industries. The company continues to push forward with these developments, as well as convincing its customers time and time again with new ideas and processes for even better mixing performance