Top 10 Rubber and Tire Tech Companies in Europe - 2020
Munch Chemie International: High-Quality Release Agents for Tyre Moulding

Top 10 Rubber and Tire Tech Companies in Europe - 2020

In this melting pot of digital transformations observed across all the industry sectors, the automotive tire sector is constantly on the move to remodel its offerings to rev up its game. The need for more automation and sizeable tires has brought numerous changes in terms of factory design, manufacturing processes, tire quality, and process equipment involved.

The emergence of autonomous vehicles calls for tires that are not only durable and weather-resistant, but also incorporated with embedded sensors that check temperatures and ambient pressure, and generate real-time responses for drivers through the latest IoT tech. Manufacturers are also looking at improving the future-readiness of these tires to enhance the customer experience. With autonomous vehicles topping the preference chart, light vehicles tire are in high demand. This has also compelled tire manufacturers to build tires out of silica, resins, or aramid fibres that reduce noise along with imparting strength and resistance. Also, spurred by the increasing awareness towards environmental issues, automation factories are bringing in bio-degradable rubber to reduce the pollution caused by the wear and tear of the tire materials.

This edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights presents to you the most promising Rubber and Tire Tech Companies in Europe. Over the past few months, a panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the editorial team of the magazine have reviewed companies in the rubber and tire technology arena, and have shortlisted the forerunners who have shown exceptional growth and have met the challenges of the industry head-on. We present to you “Top 10 Rubber and Tire Tech Companies in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Rubber and Tire Tech Companies in Europe

  • Efficient Energy offers the eChiller—a proprietary refrigeration system driven by Bluezero, a technology that uses water (R718) as a refrigerant. The BlueZero technology makes water as a refrigerant possible and transforms the increasingly regulated and environmentally harmful refrigeration and air conditioning technology into a CO2-neutral life cycle assessment. Bluezero technology complies with all the current environmental and safety regulations pertaining to the operation and maintenance of refrigeration units. The eChiller works on a mechanism through direct evaporation, compression, condensation, and expansion of water in a closed-loop cycle

  • A leader in the processing of highly viscous materials that develops and manufactures KneaderReactors for intensifying industrial processes. LIST’s KneaderReactor technology brings key processing advantages to polymer manufacturers. In contrast to traditional processors, LIST’s KneaderReactors provide a gentle kneading action that ensures excellent mixing and wall heat transfer while minimising shear during the processing of highly viscous materials. The KneaderReactors reduce and eliminate the use of solvents from the reaction step and replace emulsion or suspension polymerisation by bulk processes. This simplifies processes, reduces raw material costs, and saves energy, which is instrumental in reducing the environmental pollution. The company’s KneaderReactors also enable the recovery and transformation of volatile—often hazardous—distillation residues into valuable side-products

  • Known worldwide as the ‘release agent specialist,’ Münch Chemie International GmbH manufactures and delivers—among others—semi-permanent and permanent water-based release agents and bladder coatings for a large variety of industrial applications. Led by the Münch father and son, Wilhelm Münch and Michael Münch, the firm epitomises innovation, individuality, and exceptional service. Today, through an international sales network in more than 40 countries and licensed production facilities in Asia and South America, the firm ensures that customers all over the world are empowered with high-quality release solutions. The organisation takes pride in being able to precisely understand processing-related customer problems and requirements, and respond with superior solutions that not only provide maximum efficiency in production but are also cost-effective

  • TECH Europe is a global company with a HQ in Johnstown, Ohio. The company also has distribution & training Center of Excellence in Turnhout, Belgium as well as sites in Italy, China, Japan & Brazil. TECH Europe is the company’s European base which focuses on the EMEA markets and not a subsidiary company. With this state-of-the-art distribution center, TECH strengthens its commitment to serve the diverse market segments, including passenger cars, truck, off-the-road (OTR), and agricultural tire service centers with enhanced product availability and improved delivery time

  • Harburg Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH

    Harburg Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH

    Specializes in machinery and systems for the rubber processing tire industry, tire building machines and curing presses. Even with the most careful selection of our suppliers, after many years of use, some components might become obsolete. In this case we develop replacement solutions that provide the same and sometimes even superior functionality for your machines.These replacement kits come as complete modules that can be retro-fitted with minimal downtime and impact on your production

  • 4JET Technologies GmbH

    4JET Technologies GmbH

    A leading provider of laser systems and technologies for surface processing. 4JET delivers turnkey systems with integrated material handling, an optimal laser source and the associated laser process for the desired applications. Our target markets include the international tire and automotive industries. We offer systems designed for mass production that can be integrated into production lines as well as mobile and hand-held systems for flexible use.

  • Hofmann Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH

    Hofmann Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH

    The company specializes in wheel balancing technology, tyre testing technology and wheel assembly technology. Hofmann balancing, testing and assembly technology can be found world-wide in many areas of production and quality control as well as in research and development. Especially with the leading manufacturers in the automotive, tyre and machine tool industry technical know-how from HOFMANN convinces - with precision and reliability.

  • inmess GmbH

    inmess GmbH

    Working closely with the automotive supply industry and testing laboratories, inmess has developed machines to test and optimize rims, wheels and tires.Due to the constant development of these machines, inmess has gained experience in the field of optical measurement technology. Therefore, the management of inmess decided to expand this area as a second independent business area. Thus, inmess offers its customers individualized solutions in order to achieve process reliability using various optical measurement technology. The applications range from measurements in the µ-meter range to measurements of components up to several meters in length.

  • RubberJet Valley

    RubberJet Valley

    A chemical specialty company specialized in the production of engineered raw materials (Polymers) called RubberJet Powder (RJP ™) and RubberJet Granules (RJG ™) capable of replacing virgin raw materials in a wide range of applications including which mixes new tires. RubberJet Valley was born from the goal of its founder Tommaso Verri Eng. who together with his passionate partners of innovation and sustainability have decided to establish a leading innovative company in the field of recycling of medium and heavy End of Life Tires (“E.L.T.”) through the use of a 100%-environmental friendly proprietary technology called High Pressure Water Jet™ in order to create a real circular economy of a “precious” product such as truck tires and OTR (off-the-road) or Mining Giant Tires, which today are difficult to treat through traditional mechanical shredding technologies



    State-of-the-art production processes for the production of cables, tires, profiles, hoses, seals and conveyor belts; TROESTER develops efficient machine and system controls in which hardware components from leading manufacturers are used flexibly. A key feature of all TROESTER machines and systems is their superior process technology.Highly qualified development engineers design long-lasting and very economical units. This optimally implements customer needs for maximum efficiency and quality of their production. Competence as the sum of experience and knowledge guarantees top technology in mechanical engineering