MTS Sensors: Taking Magnetostrictive Technology to the next level

MTS Sensors: Taking Magnetostrictive Technology to the next level

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Eike Schmidt, Sales Manager Europe, MTS SensorsEike Schmidt, Sales Manager Europe
As sensors become integrated into more applications, interest in magnetostrictive sensor technology has blossomed owing to its high-accuracy and reliability. Magnetostrictive technology supports the measurement of displacement (position) and velocity of moving parts in machines based on the ferromagnetic materials’ effect. Several sensor manufacturers use this measurement technology, but one company stands out because of its long and applicative expertise, innovative approach, and first-class local service.

Meet MTS Sensors.

Having been in the industry for over 40 years now, MTS Sensors is on a mission to help customers solve their most demanding measuring tasks and closed-loop controls. As a pioneer of the magnetostrictive measurement principle, the company is at the forefront of providing a wide range of position sensors for industrial applications, by combining Temposonics® magnetostrictive technology with different sensor designs, variable measuring lengths, industry standard outputs, and global certifications. By leveraging this non-contact measurement technology, users can rely on position and velocity feedback of the moving parts in machines, which increases machine performance, productivity, and safety.

The company produces industry-leading standard products and customized solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of its customers. They have different position sensors for industrial-, mobile-, light industrial- and liquid level applications. This distinction helps them to get a better understanding of the corresponding challenges of each field.

“One single magnetostrictive Temposonics® sensor featuring multi-position measurement can replace several other sensors of common technology like inductive sensors,” says Eike Schmidt, Sales Manager Europe of MTS Sensors. Apart from robust measuring technology, its application engineers’ in-depth application knowledge and experience make MTS Sensors second to none.

Other crucial aspects that make the company’s position sensors stand out are the robustness against vibration, high temperature and dirt, support of machines’ productivity, reliability, and accuracy.

Another interesting factor about MTS Sensors is that nearly 500 employees worldwide are working on magnetostrictive technology, which allows them to innovate, enhance the capability and specialize. “We have millions of magnetostrictive sensors out in the market – more than any other of our direct competitors because they do not have this focused approach like we do,” states Eike. Due to the worldwide presence and being the recipient of various global certifications, MTS Sensors can offer measurement solutions and support in almost every location and application.

With recently introduced R-Series V, MTS Sensors is well-positioned to take the magnetostrictive technology to a whole new level with Industry 4.0 features. As in many other automotive production areas, IoT is a significant driver. But when it comes to MTS Sensors, the R-Series V position sensors support automotive production by enabling condition monitoring solutions. The Temposonics® sensors prepare the customers’new and, thanks its backward compatibility, already existing rubber applications to collect the data on a wide range of variables such as temperature and even vibration frequency to determine machine health and performance. Once the information is collected from the position sensors, it is passed on to a cloud-based control via OPC UA. The users can retrieve informative operation insights about their machines.

To elaborate more on their products, Eike cites a case scenario of a company that had an application on a newly developed fast driving machine that was generating high shocks. They could not manage the automated control of the machine because the installed sensor was not robust enough against the high shocks and vibration and hence failed to measure quickly. The previously installed sensors were not delivered on time, and therefore they were subjected to penalty payments. “With our sensors technology and application support, we were able to solve the measuring task quickly and enable the customer to ship the machine on-time to its destination,” explains Eike. Today, the customer’s machine is a success on the market, and several machines have been sold since this incident.

Ever since MTS Sensors began production, they have been setting technology trends and delivering world-class applications supported by highly skilled people. The company today is known for its innovative technology, robust, precise, and reliable sensor solutions. Looking ahead, the company wishes to continue offering great flexibility, fast support with great in-depth knowledge, and short delivery times to its customers. All-in-all, for those companies looking for a precise, reliable, and robust measurement technology, MTS Sensors has to be the partner of choice.

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MTS Sensors

MTS Sensors

Lüdenscheid, Germany & Cary, North Carolina, USA

Eike Schmidt, Sales Manager Europe

MTS Sensors is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of magnetostrictive technology for measuring position and/or liquid level